Overview of Products


Seeing that many of our customers and people in our service area needed increased service in the Propane field, we recently added this to our areas of expertise. Desiring to raise the bar in the area of Propane, Knapp Oil is aggressive to offer you a competitive price and high level of customer service.

We deliver propane throughout central and southern Illinois to all types of customers ranging from rural residents to farmers to commercial trucking groups. If you are interested in our services or receiving a quote, please contact one of our experts below.

Customer Service Rep: Rhonda Mills  618-678-2211

Propane Manager: Bryan Knapp  618-508-1374 (24/7)

Diesel Fuel


As current and future vehicles are becoming advanced and fuel efficient, it is just as important that the gasoline put in them is held at the highest standard.

Here at Knapp Oil we have a lasting reputation for only using gasoline that meets tough industry standards. Whether purchasing gasoline at one of our retail stores in Southern Illinois or ordering bulk orders, we proudly stand behind our products.

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Bio Diesel

Lubricants and Oil


At Knapp Oil, we have a large variety of high quality greases to meet the needs of many customers. From large machinery & equipment at coal mines to shops servicing personal vehicles, we will work directly with you to provide the best grease that will meet your needs.


Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Citgo Brand

Knapp Oil Co., Inc. and Citgo offers products & Lubricants to our valued customers.


With more than 75 years of experience manufacturing top-quality lubricants, Citgo can help with all your lubricant needs. Sure, specifications can be different from one tough job to the next. That’s why CITGO produces an extensive inventory of different lubricants. But, CITGO is more than just gasoline. We sell petrochemicals and solvents in bulk to a variety of U.S. manufacturers. These materials are transformed into countless products used daily.


CITGO is also a major force in the U.S. energy arena, with state-of-the-art assets and streamlined operations. If you ask anyone what brought us to this point, the answer is the same: an unwavering dedication to customer service. As a supplier with a decades-long tradition of 100 percent dedication to the independently owned and operated Marketer and Retailer class of trade, CITGO knows our success is inherently and fundamentally tied to yours. Want more good news? CITGO guarantees all its lubricant products with a Warranty. To learn more about CITGO and it’s products, Visit the Website.