What’s the Advantage?

Knapp Oil Co., Inc. provides all of their customers the Advantage by remaining on top of their game and working very hard to find the best products and competitive prices in a very difficult market so its customers don’t have to.

President, Owner, & Vice President

Knapp Oil Co. is a “hard earned” business; started by a young man, Ed Knapp (our grandfather), whose father died before he was born, and who had to borrow $5 to get married. The business began as a small town grocery store where one of the products was kerosene and so began the fuel business. From my grandfather to his sons Eldred, Howard, and Bill (our father), to my generation and finally to the 4th generation beginning with my son, Bryan, our family and employees have worked hard over the years to make this company work. It’s our own heritage.

The reputation we enjoy in the industry is because of this hard working, God fearing heritage. We’ve been blessed with employees who buy into this philosophy and we try to bring this to you, our customer. We constantly look for a better product, a better way, a better angle. We try to be more nimble, more responsive, and more aware. We try to be on the forefront of new products and new services. We think these characteristics make us a better supplier for you. And finally, you can trust us. Why? Because my grandpa is still watching. Give us a chance to prove we are worthy of your business.”     Chuck Knapp, President

Making a Difference

CITGO Petroleum Corporation has been a major supporter of the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) for 26 years. In 2011 alone, MDA fund-raising efforts of our employees, Marketers, Retailers and business partners resulted in a contribution of $12.3 million. Together, we’ve raised more than $140 million in the fight against neuromuscular disease since 1986! MDA is a National voluntary health agency – a dedicated partnership between scientists and concerned citizens aimed at conquering neuromuscular diseases that affect more than a million Americans.

If you would like to learn more, including how you can get involved, please visit MDA’s website, www.mda.org.