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  • A Brief History: 1930s  Knapp Oil Co., Inc is a family owned business that began in 1933 by Edward Knapp.  He began serving customers with a grocery store in Rinard, Illinois. Soon after, the store moved to Xenia, Illinois where it sold groceries, clothing, and food as well as heating oil.  The business continued to grow as did his family with the addition of three sons Eldred, Howard, and Bill.

  • A Brief History: 1960s  The Effingham Truck Plaza opened in 1966.  And in the late 1960’s/early 1970’s, Knapp Oil Company purchased the Home Oil Company of Marion, Illinois.

  • A Brief History: 1980s Eldred Knapp held out on building a convenience store in Xenia to avoid competing with a good friend that owned the restaurant downtown. Finally in 1986, the first Knapp Oil convenience store opened in Xenia and later spread to Clay City, Cisne, and the other current locations as the 76 brand. When Eldred and Howard passed away, Bill’s son Chuck and son-in-law Rick began working in the company as the 3rd generation.

  • A Brief History: 1990s  In 1995 Knapp Oil decided to become Citgo branded, a very aggressive brand in the Midwest.  Citgo had yet to develop in Southern Illinois so it was an opportunity to become a major Citgo branded supplier in this area. Over the years, they have been supportive, flexible, easy to work with which shows why we continue to be Citgo branded today.

  • A Brief History: 2000s As the world began to think green and renewable, bio fuels were created and Knapp Oil has offered these products to our customers. Multiple storage locations at our bulk plants for Ethanol and biodiesel as well as selling bio fuels across all locations allow us to serve customers better.

  • A Brief History: 2010s In 2011, Knapp Oil added the 4th generation to the company with the addition of the propane division. Bryan Knapp, propane manager, brings new energy to the company and has begun business across Southern Illinois. The company foresees the propane division becoming a major player in the propane industry and a significant portion of the company.

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“My family has been in the agriculture business all of my life.  My father started doing business with Knapp Oil Co., Inc. over 40 years ago.  In the farming community when planting season starts you can’t have loss of time when you are up against Mother Nature.  We use all types and sizes of farming equipment.  To keep your farming equipment in top running condition, you need top products and service to meet your daily needs.”

Land Farms, Illinois

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Mines need a wide range of lubricants to support their operation.  We have both major and private brand lubes to meet all of your needs. We can also provide the necessary tanks and pumps to handle the inventory as

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Because we are truckers ourselves, we understand your needs.  Truckers need competitively priced fuel, quality bio-diesel, quality lubricants, and all the miscellaneous products like DEF, anti-freeze, etc.We are your fuel service supplier.

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Because we operate our convenience stores, we recognize the challenges that dealers face.   We offer the following: Keep fuel prices down with competitive pricing and market monitoring Help

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After working with customers in the agricultural business for years, we understand that time is a valuable asset. That is why we, here at Knapp Oil, will make sure that you receive quality service and quality products in a

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