Overview of Services

Tire Service

We know that no one plans to have a vehicle or equipment down due to a blowout or flat tire, so we will come to you to get you back and running with little loss of time.

Purchase of Fuels

We have access to multiple terminals which means a wide range of pricing. We can help you watch markets– pull product prior to market increases and ability to wait for market to decline.

Maintenance on Tanks & Pumps

We have top line technicians which helps you avoid those very costly repair bills.

Reliable Service

We always provide next day service and when possible same day service on a first come basis. We also help you take advantage of market swings.

Transport & Bulk Loads

We offer both transport loads and small truck deliveries– whichever best fits your needs.

Product Experts

We try to stay on the leading edge of technology as it applies to fuels, lubricants, and associated products. When there is something new that helps you– we can have it.

Easy Reorders

Tanks & Pumps Available

We can make arrangements for you to own or lease the necessary equipment for your particular situation; we can keep your equipment costs down.

On Call 24/7/365

We can always be reached and respond to your needs as soon as possible.

Monday-Friday: 8 am – 5pm   (618) 678-2211

24/7 Bryan Knapp:   (618) 508-1374


Competitive Pricing

We work hard to bring the best pricing available to you from both inside and outside your area.

Market Price Sensitivity

Our Customers

As our industries continue to become more complex, we try to improve and educate our customers with regards to this challenging complexity. There is a constant change in the laws, regulations, and products that are part of our industry and we believe that the more aware and knowledgeable our customers are of these changes, they will recognize the value of doing business with Knapp Oil.